Sue's programs are energetic, entertaining and very interactive. She encourages her audience to sing along, jump, dance, twirl, stamp feet, clap hands, and have fun! She sings folk songs, children's songs, songs about being a cookie, a jack-in-the box, popcorn, being loved and being special.

Instruments used may include ukulele, guitar, and assorted percussion instruments including kitchen items. 

Shows can be presented to children: Age 1-5; Grades K-5; All ages/family.

Workshops and Special Programs Song Writing (pre-K through 5th grade)


All assemblies: instruments may include guitar, kazoo, percussion, harmonica 

Explore geography and culture in a musical journey around the world. Includes songs from and about several continents. Program also explores themes of multi-nationalism and interdependence. This is a fun interactive program that includes singing, hand motions, dancing, and audience volunteers.
CMS: Literacy 4, Geography 2 and 4, Music 5
For Ages: Preschool through 5th grade (note: program content is modified to be age appropriate)


Celebrate, honor, and remember Martin Luther King, Jr., through songs and discussion about equality, nonviolence, making choices, bringing about change, and “who was Martin Luther King, Jr?”. This interactive program includes original songs and songs by a variety of songwriters.
CMS: HIstory 3, Music 5
For Ages: Preschool through 5th grade (note: program content is modified to be age appropriate)

100 DAYS!
Celebrate the first 100 days of school with a music program! Students and teachers will have fun singing, counting, and dancing to traditional and original songs. Sing about numbers and counting, the number 100, and setting and achieving goals. Program also includes funny and serious songs about school and learning. Teacher packet provided.
CMS: Mathemathics 1, Music 3
For Ages: Preschool through second grade.

Get your students psyched about math with this fun and energetic assembly program. Sing and clap along with songs about numbers, mathematical functions, patterns, and math in everyday life. Includes the audience creating a song based upon counting and patterns. Who knew that arithmetic, geometry, algebra, and number sense could be such musical fun! Teacher packet provided so songs can be used in the classroom.
CMS: Mathematics 1, 2, 4, 6, Music 3
For Ages: K-5th grade.

Fun songs with a message. Includes songs co-written with children. Sing and talk about how to be a good friend,
CMS: Literacy 4
For Ages: Preschool through 5th grade (note: program content is modified to be age appropriate)

Songs about super heroes, everyday heroes, and what it takes to be a hero. Original songs include “Super Hero Quiz” and “I Know a Super Hero”. Assembly includes singing, movement, and superhero student and teacher volunteers.
CMS: Civics 1, Music 1
For Ages: K-5th grade

This fun and interactive program focuses on the themes of Caring, Concern, Compassion, and of course, Love. Songs and discussion about different kinds of love - love of people (family, friend, teacher), animals, activities, food, etc. Sue uses traditional  and original songs (by Sue and other songwriters), and audience input to write new verses.
CMS: Civics 4, Literacy 4
For Ages: Preschool through 5th grade (note: program content is modified to be age appropriate)


This interactive assembly focuses on three themes: 1) Making Choices, 2) Caring, Concern, and Compassion, and 3) Self Esteem. Sue uses songs, anecdotes, and a relaxation exercise to gently teach children about doing the right thing, caring about the world and others, citizenship, how to reduce anger, and to recognize that everyone has positive attributes.
For Ages: K-5th grade
CMS: Civics 1, 2, 4; History 2

Spring means more than late snow and CSAP. It signifies a beginning. This program includes songs about topics such as plants, life cycles, and setting goals. Themes include: Self Esteem and Achieving Your Goals.
CMS: Science 3
For Ages: Preschool through 5th grade (note: program content is modified to be age appropriate)

This highly interactive show encourages audience participation. Children (and teachers) participate through singing, movement activities, and adding verses to zipper songs. Sue has over fifteen years experience singing with children and intersperses the program with anecdotes about the music - traditional and original songs. The program ends with cooling down songs and activities. This program can be thematic (you pick the theme!) upon request.
CMS: Music 1, 4, 5
For Ages: Preschool through second grade.

Songs of the season - traditional, original, and lesser known gems. Sue has over fifteen years experience researching and singing songs for children. Just like snowflakes, no two shows are exactly alike. Expect songs about snow, cold weather, winter solistice, and winter sports. Also includes anecdotes and songs from and about the southern hemisphere. This show can include Christmas, Chanukah, and Kawnzaa material if requested.
CMS: Geography 2, Science 4, Music 1, 4, 5.
For Ages: Preschool through 5th grade (note: program content is modified to be age appropriate)

CUSTOM ASSEMBLY - You Pick the Theme
Over the past fifteen years Sue has created a variety of programs for library summer reading programs, festivals, and elementary school teachers. Show themes have included: fruit and vegetables; the four seasons; silly songs; dragons, dreams, and daring deeds; pirates; get a clue; and more. If you have an assembly theme that you would like to have presented in an interactive music program, let us know, and Sue will research and create a fun and interesting program to fit your needs.
CMS: Let us know one or two standards to focus on.
For Ages: Preschool through 5th grade.